Take Your CCW Skills To The NEXT LEVEL With The Advanced CCW Course!

This class is designed for people that already have a strong understanding of handling a pistol safely.

We will continue to drill magazine changes, holster draws, multiple target engagements, shooting while moving and from behind obstacles; However we will rotate the emphasis of the class monthly to change the setting and challenge the learners. You can read more about the rotating emphasis below. We will have a CCW and home defense mindset for this course and will certainly push your skills to a new level. Join us for the next Advanced CCW.


Our Course will span over two hours at FT3 Tactical Range in Stanton, CA, or at Advanced CCW Warehouse in Santa Ana, CA (Scenarios and Room Clearing only). There will be time for breaks and water while we are on the range as well.

Basic required Gear List, additional items may be required depending on the emphasis. If you have any questions, please let us know.

All firearms you wish to train with (You may rent a firearm from the range if needed):

  • One holster for your primary firearm
  • No fabric holsters
  • No collapsible leather holster or Blackhawk holster if the weapon has no manual safety
  • 3 magazines or minimum of 30 rounds on person
  • Magazine holster capable of holding at least two magazines
  • Sturdy belt
  • 200 rounds of ammunition (NO STEEL CASED AMMO)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Low Light Class: handheld light (independent of mounted light)
  • Note taking gear


Do not be afraid of the dark. This class will teach you how to properly utilize your handheld & weapon mounted light; ensuring you can detect, assess, & engage the threat in a low light environment.

Time to take those weapons handling skills to the next level. This class will help you clean up your weapons manipulation & manual of arms. We will help you efficiently draw, Reload, and shoot your pistol, ensuring your growth as an advance shooter.

Cover comes in all shapes and sizes. This class will enable you to effectively engage the threat while maintaining maximum cove, we will teach you how to shoot from positions otherwise considered unshootable.

Watch for that angle! This class will enable you to touch the basics of room clearing. You will learn angles, types of entry, and the types of room commonly encountered in Southern California.

If you are not shooting, you are moving, or both? This class will teach you how to effectively shoot while you are either advancing or retreating. Those skills will allow you to evolve your defensive tactics, by not limiting you to standing still while you shoot.

Firearm to hands on detainment

Choose the “Advanced CCW Course” and book your spot below:

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