Amp’d Up Custom Hearing Protection has come to visit us from Arizona!

September 18th&19th between 8am-5pm


Featured Earplug


10 minute appointments will be held at F13 Tactical.

The day will start at 8AM and end at 5PM, on September 18th and 18th.

About the event

They specialize in hand sculpting The most comfortable, durable and effective custom hearing protection products that money can buy. Solid custom earplugs (no electronics) are durable for years and will be made on site at the range.

Come on down to FT3 Tactical and choose your favorite colors, a lanyard, storage case and have them shipped directly to your home about one week after your fitting all for only $150

Custom earplugs

***Custom electronic earplugs are available in TWO different styles and you can view the details on those at the website. Don’t miss out!”

  • HunterEars electronic custom earplugs are $1299
  • SonicGuard+ electronic custom earplugs are $899

All electronic products come with a full two year warranty, a storage case, name personalization, and a kit that includes everything needed to maintain the earplugs.

need gear?