2-Hour Private Individual Training

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I will definitely be coming back for other classes!
The guys and gals at TRB are amazing! I went through the CCW process and training with them and it couldn’t have been better. Not to mention they have have veterans in staff with real world experience!!! You guys are the best! I will definitely be coming back for other classes!
Anthony Larderuccio
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You guys are AWESOME!!!!
To be very honest, this group of trainers and professionals are the best out there. I'm a 30 year veteran with LASD and have trained all my life to be proficient with the weapons that I own. Not only are these guys good at what they do, they have fun doing it. I had a great time and learned so much from people who enjoy what they do and enjoy teaching others. They are also masters at Armory. If it fires a projectile, legally, they know how to fix it and fix you at the same time. I took my AR-15 to them to ensure it was in the proper configuration and the gun works better than it ever has. They also offer rifle and combat training. Thank you so much and look forward to getting more training and becoming a better shooter and all around gun enthusiast. Thank you Ernie, Ryan, Brendon and Riley. You guys are AWESOME!!!!
Benjamin Stafford
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Tom N
I can't recommend the TRB team enough!
I have been taking both public and private lessons with them for over a year now, and as a new instructor, Ernie and Brendon's courses have been instrumental in both my personal and professional shooting development!

They are both passionate and effective trainers, who give so much knowledge. Their weekly IG livestreams where they freely give so much great advice is a sign of how much they care and give back to their community of students and greater firearms community at large.

Also, they're always innovating with new challenging and useful course material you won't find at other schools. I can't recommend the TRB team enough!
Tom N.
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If you don't learn your CCW with Earnie you just not paying attention
Top notch. Serious but charismatic trying the focuses on precision and accuracy both law and self defense.

It was simply a great experience. ERNIE is the absolute most gifted teacher. If you don't learn your CCW with Earnie you just not paying attention.
Keith Marshall
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David H
Top notch! Can't beat TRB!
I've been training privately with Brendon and recently completed the CCW course with TRB. The value they provide is above and beyond. They have a passion for preparing their students for real world encounters. Top notch! Can't beat TRB!
David H.
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...TRB has you covered
Million dollar course at a fraction of a price!

Ernie and crew are the top of their class. My wife and I have taken several courses with several companies with several instructors at several different ranges. No one tops TRB @ FT3.

Ernie makes material fun, easy to pay attention to and realistic. There are definitely cheaper courses throughout LA and Orange County. But you won't be disappointed in the amount of value you get out of the coursework and live fire.

The thing that sets TRB apart from other training courses we've taken is Ernie teaches you to be a "thinker" not a shooter. There's enough shooters out there. But to really analyze the situation and how to react. It's something I've never experienced from other trainers. We're coming back to TRB for more training in the near future.

If you're looking for your first firearm safety class, CCW coursework requirements, or rifle TRB has you covered. It won't be a mistake.

Anthony Trinh
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Tracy N
All in all I was very impressed!
I completed the in-person CCW course at FT3 recently, and I can't say enough about Ernie and his team (Sunshine, Brendan, Stephen)! First, their expertise is top notch! And, they are all very professional and knowledgeable. Ernie is really a gifted trainer, too. He is clear, concise, and keeps you engaged at all times. It is serious stuff but he keeps it fun! He and the team go above and beyond what is required and you get a big bang (pardon the pun) for your buck! With the comprehensive course work, videos, holster draw, dry fire, range shooting, the laws, organized notebooks, links, and tons of supporting information, they cover everything you need and more, and make it easy to follow. All in all I was very impressed! I have signed up for the white glove and I feel confident moving forward.

I've also taken private lessons from Ernie which I highly recommend. The one-on-one is quite valuable and worth every penny. I'm looking forward to training hard in the Advanced CCW courses, Women's Defense and a lot more! Thank you TRB! I'm all in!
Tracy N.
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joseph koo
Ernie thank you so much to you and your team...
Ernie thank you so much to you and your team for an amazing experience. It was a very eye opening and educational experience for me. I started this journey into ccw ownership shortly after the riots. It's been a crazy learning experience and now I feel more ready than ever.

I sincerely look forward to more opportunities to train learn and practice to improve upon my abilities as a shooter and ccw carrier.

Thanks again for everything I will be back for more training.
Joseph Koo
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Highly recommend TRB for your CCW training certification.
This is a top notch training course. A rigorous and real world program with experienced and professional instructors. Lots of great other services as well. Highly recommend TRB for your CCW training certification.
Joseph Stambersky
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Orlando B
Had a great time and learned a ton. . .
Had a great time and learned a ton with just one CCW course. Looking forward to taking some more in depth courses down the road.
Orlando B.
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I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend
Safe, educational and very interesting!

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend. All of the instructors are very professional and personable. I feel like they would help you anytime, anywhere.

Was very nice to meet you all! Would like to get back together sometime soon.
Shooter McGavin
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Ed E
Brandon was amazing. . .
My husband and I have taken 2 training classes with Brandon. He's a great instructor and really helped us get comfortable with firearms. Our most recent class with on pistols and this is where Brandon really shined! He got us comfortable with using a holster and drawing - all the time emphasizing safety. At first we were a bit apprehensive, but Brandon was amazing at not only getting us comfortable with carrying but getting us to think about how we would react in real world situations. I never considered myself the type who would go CCW, but after this class I'm seriously considering it.
Ed E.
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...they do and go the extra mile to help-out their students
I have taken multiple training sessions with TRB. Not only they've been very productive in terms of content, I had a blast every time. I felt Ernie and his team is truly passionate about what they do and go the extra mile to help-out their students. Thank you TRB!
Yaji “Yaji” Perera
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T.R.B. and its courses are where you want to be.
This is the place to go!

Ernie, Brendon Steve and all the T.R.B. employees are great. I can’t say enough kind words to describe this experience. If you are serious about your weapons and your second amendment rights, T.R.B. and its courses are where you want to be.

I was nervous about taking a Concealed Weapon training course just because I had no idea what to expect. I imagined all of the horrible scenarios, Military personnel or police officers screaming and yelling in your face etc. You get the idea.

I was so wrong, to say the least. This class was so much fun that I wish it lasted a week!

One thing you will quickly realize in this class that it is all about safety first. You will also quickly see why I am saying I wish I could have spent a week with these guys. If you are