H.R.1008 – Handgun Trigger Safety Act
There are many new gun laws that make sense and that we actually support. Then there are those that are plainly absurd, and this newly introduced bill, HR 1008 also known as the “Handgun Trigger Safety Act” is just that.
This bill mandates “smart handgun trigger technology” to be implemented into all new handguns sold (within 5 years), and also to be retrofitted into preowned guns that are to be sold (in 10 years), along with regulating the grants to fund this process.
Not only do the regulation of the allocated grants allow for this process to be painstakingly impossible for manufacturers and gun owners to adhere to, the “smart trigger technology” is not even mass produced or widely adopted/available yet! It’s like making a law for a time machine or flying car that doesn’t even exist. Further proof that lawmakers are violating the 2nd amendment and infringing on our rights as law abiding gun owners.
HR 1008 is a part of a larger package of questionable laws that were just introduced. Oppose these laws and let your lawmakers know that these bills are unconstitutional by signing the petition at Firearms Policy Coalition.