In a world where we constantly see manufacturers sacrifice quality for price or profit it’s refreshing to still be able to work with people who would never fathom doing such a thing!

Introducing DDT-Ops a veteran owned and operated tactical gear manufacturer. This company like many others in the 2A community has been along for the ride as our industry has seen some unprecedented levels of change.

Through it all they’ve never compromised and never will.

Over the past year or so we’ve seen such an incredible surge in interest in firearms training for home and self protection which is incredible! However, this sudden surge in demand drove DDT’s sales through the roof and consequently disrupted the entire supply chain – everything from finished goods to raw materials.

What makes this company stand out to us is a list of things they pledged never to compromise on.

DDT Ops Ranger Bang

See, TRB stocks DDT Range bags in our store and for good reason. We stock this bag as part of our Fully Loaded Gear Suite with our brand new students in mind. The students who have just begun their training and are either looking to buy their first gun or have only recently purchased one. We specifically chose this bag from DDT because it is the range bag you will only buy ONCE.

TRB Fully Loaded Gear Suite

DDT’s Promise to Never Compromise:

We will never de-spec, substitute inferior materials, or move to a cheaper, substandard factory just to bring product. We will always and forever honor our lifetime warranty. You can always have confidence that our products are reliable and that you will be taken care of.