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FT3 Tactical – Stanton CA

Our preferred shooting range in OC! Established in 2012. Field Time Target & Training was started by gun lovers for gun lovers, giving everyone a clean, friendly and safe place to shoot and enjoy the sport with others. They have 28 shooting lanes, each 25 yards (75 foot) long with the widest shooting bays in the area! Shoot all handguns, most rifles, and shotguns (slug only).

Computerized target retrieval systems on each lane with no sag or sway, complete with adjustable lighting. Their ventilation system is the best in the industry. The air you breathe in the range is actually cleaner than the air outside!

FT3 Tactical has a large selection of rental handguns, rifles and shotguns. Annual memberships are available. Kids age 10 and up with a guardian or adult are always welcomed!

Niebling Gun Care

Niebling is a family owned company based in Germany, which produces high-quality gun cleaning and gun care equipment. With more than 40 year’s experience in civil, governmental and military applications, Niebling has the widest range of gun care products on the market which covers caliber .17 up to 40 mm.

As a result of continuous improvements to the products, Niebling is able to establish groundbreaking innovations such as the #1 brushless and non-abrasive barrel cleaner the ‘BoreBlitz’. An adaptable and quick delivery is assured by the subsidiary in the USA.

Mantis X

Train Smarter. The MantisX Firearms Training System consists of a smart sensor that continuously tracks the movement of the firearm before, during, and after every shot. The accompanying MantisX smartphone app analyzes behavior, gives feedback, and provides coaching to make sure every shot counts. One of the best training tools on the market today!

Night Fision

Simply put, we know tritium, we know manufacturing, and we’re all about efficiency – all of which has led us to develop a better way to produce tritium night sights on U.S. soil. Our military-grade polymer ring design allows us to consistently deliver a wider variety of superior quality night sights with enhanced tritium brightness, all at a lower price than leading competitors. There’s always a brighter way.

Concealment Express

Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality, 100% US Made KYDEX holsters at a fair price and without the wait. Nobody can get a quality, hand-made KYDEX holster into your hands faster than we can, and we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our products and our service from start to finish.

Bravo Concealment

Bravo Concealment was founded in 2010 to provide quality concealment holsters to members of our community. They manufacture the best Kydex holsters for IWB and OWB concealed carry.

They take pride in making great products and providing them to customers at a reasonable price. All while continuing to innovate and deliver great customer service.


DDT (aka Death Dealer Tactical) gives you the affordable alternatives your shop deserves. Our mission is to provide great gear at a great price to those seeking pure tactical enlightenment.