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We love partnering with independent firearms trainers in SoCal and finding ways to offer top of the line classes and services, strengthen the 2a community and share best practices.

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TRB has had the opportunity to work with many great ranges all across the Southwest! Here are some of our top favorites and most frequently used ranges!

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We do our best to source products from reliable American made distributors. As a small business seek partnerships with other smaller companies full of amazing people.

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The U.S. Concealed Carry Association helps responsible Americans like you prepare for what happens before, during and after an act of lawful self-defense. USCCA Members get lifesaving education, expert training, plus self defense liability insurance.* Membership is truly an investment worth exploring, click the link in the description RIGHT now to get your FREE USCCA Concealed Carry Guide

Tap Rack Bang is a proud USCCA Official Partner and we encourage every gun owner to take advantage of what the USCCA offers. Click the USCCA logo or the link below to get their FREE Concealed Carry Guide for more life-saving knowledge

*The USCCA is not an insurance company. A policy has been issued to the USCCA. That policy provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance, subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

Society forza

Gina Vertucci is the dynamic force behind Society Forza. She is an independent private firearms trainer in southern California and Texas! Her services and training cover people from all ages and walks of life, bridging the gaps!

Gina Vertucci
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FT3 Tactical – Stanton CA

Our preferred shooting range in OC! Established in 2012. Field Time Target & Training was started by gun lovers for gun lovers, giving everyone a clean, friendly and safe place to shoot and enjoy the sport with others. They have 28 shooting lanes, each 25 yards (75 foot) long with the widest shooting bays in the area! Shoot all handguns, most rifles, and shotguns (slug only).

Computerized target retrieval systems on each lane with no sag or sway, complete with adjustable lighting. Their ventilation system is the best in the industry. The air you breathe in the range is actually cleaner than the air outside!

FT3 Tactical has a large selection of rental handguns, rifles and shotguns. Annual memberships are available. Kids age 10 and up with a guardian or adult are always welcomed!

Iron Sights – Public Indoor Shooting Range

Located in Oceanside California! This range is open every single day of the week and also doubles as a gun store! This means that you have the ability to try out a few different models of firearms on the range, then make your purchase after you’ve found what works the best for you. 

Want to try out a firearm model before purchase? Beretta, Glock, Kimber, SigArms, HK, Springfield, Ruger, Colt, Remington, S&W are just a few mfgs available out of over 150 pistols, rifles and shotguns you can rent on the range!

Lytle Creek Firing Line

Located in the scenic Lytle Creek, San Bernardino Mountains this range is excellent! We have had the pleasure of training private clients and group courses here. The range entrance and shooting bays are spacious, clean and extremely well organized. Worth the drive for a wonderful experience. 

This is a family-friendly public shooting range that provides an enjoyable and well-regulated shooting experience. We encourage the shooting public to practice and improve their marksmanship and shooting skills by offering open shooting as well as many educational experiences for all levels of shooters. You can see some of the beautiful scenery in our promo videos on our YouTube channel.

Mike Raahauges Shooting Enterprises

Located in the Orange County Water District since 1971 by a family that had already been operating firearms training ranges since the 50’s! Today this range is an absolute Southern California favorite. Still owned and operated by the Raahauge’s family, it is always packed with patrons coming for Fun Shoots, Youth Shooting Education, Sporting Clays, Morning Duck hunts, rifle and pistols courses and Bay rentals and other events! 

The location and bay rental availability and the family themselves are our top three reasons why we use this range weekly! Bay rentals are first come first serve but make sure you bring ID and sign the waiver ahead of time!



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Read about all our recommended products!

Bravo Concealment

Bravo Concealment was founded in 2010 to provide quality concealment holsters to members of our community. They manufacture the best Kydex holsters for IWB and OWB concealed carry.

They take pride in making great products and providing them to customers at a reasonable price. All while continuing to innovate and deliver great customer service.

Concealment Express

Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality, 100% US Made KYDEX holsters at a fair price and without the wait. Nobody can get a quality, hand-made KYDEX holster into your hands faster than we can, and we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our products and our service from start to finish.


DDT (aka Death Dealer Tactical) gives you the affordable alternatives your shop deserves. Our mission is to provide great gear at a great price to those seeking pure tactical enlightenment.

HomeFront Defense – FFL Services 

HomeFront Defense & Security was started by retired police lieutenant Dale Carlson, an Orange County, CA law enforcement officer who, after 25 years in the business of protecting law-abiding citizens from criminals, wanted to enable people protect themselves 24/7 from crime.

HomeFront Defense is a full service Federal Firearms Licensee providing new California firearm sales, DROS registrations, Private Party transfers, out-of-state transfers*, and ammunition transfers. 

Mantis X

Train Smarter. The MantisX Firearms Training System consists of a smart sensor that continuously tracks the movement of the firearm before, during, and after every shot. The accompanying MantisX smartphone app analyzes behavior, gives feedback, and provides coaching to make sure every shot counts. One of the best training tools on the market today!

Niebling Gun Care

Niebling is a family owned company based in Germany, which produces high-quality gun cleaning and gun care equipment. With more than 40 year’s experience in civil, governmental and military applications, Niebling has the widest range of gun care products on the market which covers caliber .17 up to 40 mm.

As a result of continuous improvements to the products, Niebling is able to establish groundbreaking innovations such as the #1 brushless and non-abrasive barrel cleaner the ‘BoreBlitz’. An adaptable and quick delivery is assured by the subsidiary in the USA.

Night Fision

Simply put, we know tritium, we know manufacturing, and we’re all about efficiency – all of which has led us to develop a better way to produce tritium night sights on U.S. soil. Our military-grade polymer ring design allows us to consistently deliver a wider variety of superior quality night sights with enhanced tritium brightness, all at a lower price than leading competitors. There’s always a brighter way.