These are our signature "FULLY LOADED" all-inclusive training packages in which we teach basic skills and confidence needed to safely handle a handgun for personal and home protection.

The “Fully Loaded Experience” is TRB Training’s flagship program. It provides clients with the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to safely operate, maintain and store a firearm in their home for personal and home protection. TRB focuses on providing a safe and fun environment to learn these skills, no matter what your experience level may be. Included in this package, TRB will provide everything the client needs to be range ready once training is complete.

We Have Three Signature "Fully Loaded" INDIVIDUAL Packages Available:

Basic Certification:
  • 6 hours of training over 3 comprehensive sessions (Sessions 1-3 detailed below)
  • Range fees & Targets for the course
Original “Fully Loaded”:
$1200 (BEST VALUE)
  • Combines the TRB Basic Certification + Firearm Selection Day plus 2 additional hours
  • You will obtain your Firearms Safety Certificate (Required by CA for handgun purchase)
  • Gear Suite: TRB Hat, TRB T-Shirt & Velcro Patch
  • Range fees & Targets for the course
Fully Loaded EXTREME:
  • TRB Basic Certification + Firearm Selection Day + Mantis X Demo and Extreme Gear Suite
  • Extreme Gear Suite: DDT Range Bag, Ear and Eye protection, Mag Holster, TRB Hat, TRB T-Shirt & Velcro Patch
  • Mantis X Dry Fire Training System (This is how you can practice at home to improve your skills without using precious ammo.)
  • Includes Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge, Dummy Rounds and Universal Mag Rail


1st Session
Dry Fire Training:

  • At your home or office or we can provide an office
  • In this session you will learn the universal firearm safety rules, physics & mechanics, as well as fundamentals of shooting.
  • You will learn your hand and eye dominance and practice dry fire to find your shooting position.
  • For Fully Loaded Extreme, in your first session we will also teach you how to effectively use your brand new Mantis X Dry Fire System.

2nd Session
Indoor Training:

  • In this session we will meet at the indoor range where we will begin with static shooting.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and shooting straight by practicing various basic drills.
  • In this session you will become comfortable handling a live firearm.

3rd Session
Outdoor Training:

  • In this session you will put together all of the skills you’ve learned to execute dynamic drills.

  • This will involve practicing mag changes, shooting at multiple targets, shooting while moving, and any other scenario-based training you’re interested in.

4th Session
Firearm Selection Day:

  • In this session, you’ll learn about and handle a variety of firearms to find out which make, model and caliber suits your specific needs and skills.
  • After this session we will refer you to a team mate who can assist you with your firearm purchase.

Group Basic Certification

Group of 4-8: $1,500  |  Group of 9-12: $2,000


The first session consists of 2 hours in the classroom for range safety, shooting position, eye and hand dominance and dry-fire. The second session will be 4 hours on the range for basic marksmanship all the way up to tactical drills.

Sessions are scheduled as follows:
  • Classroom/Dry-fire: FT3 Tactical Classroom 5-7pm on a weeknight.
  • Range session: You may choose 7:00am-11:00am at indoor FT3 Tactical or outdoor Raahauge’s
Required Gear:
  • Firearms (rent at range)
  • Ammunition (rent at range)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Closed toed shoes