How often to you train from sitting, kneeling, lying on your back or any other position? Readiness doesn’t omit any real life scenario where you might find yourself doing one of these things!

Your home Dry-fire is arguably the best time to try any of these for the first time. Especially since you most likely will not be able to try any of these at the indoor range.

Most importantly switching up your position will help you master your regular grip! Doing so may bring to the surface fundamental flaws in your basics that you may not have noticed before.

For example in your sturdiest upright stance you position yourself such that all of your muscles work together to grip the firearm. When you start to take that away you realize how important the smallest muscles are in terms of accuracy and speed.

Last we love training this way to identify the best carry methods that may work better or worse for you depending on the real life positioning you may find yourself in.

Ground Training at Home

Learn these techniques in our Advanced CCW Classes and soon to come Dry-Fire Defensive Skills Academy.