Ernie Medina Owner, Chief Instructor

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Ernie Medina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Thermodynamics.

As a decorated U.S. Marine Captain who proudly served as an infantry officer for eight years, his time as a platoon commander, operations officer and executive officer allowed him the privilege of commanding and supporting upwards of 1,200 Marines at home and abroad.

Also, a certified NRA pistol instructor, Ernie has been a high-level combatives and weapons expert for nearly 30 years.

In fact, the former Marine Corps officer is a marksmanship instructor trainer and expert in both the rifle and pistol, certified concealed carry for high-risk personnel, holds a Marine Corp martial arts 1st degree black belt, and remains a 6th degree master level instructor in karate (Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan).

Today, he is one of the most trusted firearms experts and trainers in Orange County, California due to his vast experience in the field, personalized training strategies and consummate professionalism. His highly-skilled training and extensive credentials allow him to train other instructors, which means he’s able to teach even the most efficient marksman how to be superior weapons experts.

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ED CRAIG TRB SR. Instructor

Born and raised in California, Mr. Ed Craig has always had an interest in security minded matters. As a career cyber security specialist, Ed knows the importance of being aware of what kinds of threats exist, and how to defend against them. So naturally, he would also find interest in self defense and firearms training.

On his spare time, he is a licensed private pilot, loves to scuba dive and is an avid golfer. We’re fortunate to have someone like Ed for his extensive knowledge, passion for teaching and keen eye for detail on the TRB team!

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Brendon was born and raised in the Philippines and has been around firearms his whole life. His father was a Lawyer and an avid IPSC shooter. In 2014, Brendon migrated to the United States in search of better opportunities.

In 2017, Brendon enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he currently serves on active duty as a Combat Engineer. To date, he has established himself as a decorated Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), earning the rank of Corporal. His past duties and assignments include: IED detection and Team Leader with Mobile Assault Company and Reconnaissance Platoon; Security Support for US Border Patrol services at the United States Southern border; and Training Advisor for Middle East foreign militaries in counter IED tactics. Through his experience in the Marine Corps, Brendon has gained a high level of proficiency in weapons handling and infantry tactics in addition to his skills as a Combat Engineer. Brendon currently serves as a Training & Licensing non-commissioned officer, passing along his knowledge and ensuring the readiness of his fellow and younger Marines.

Subscribing as a lifelong student of the shooting arts, Brendon has trained outside of the Marine Corps, becoming a certified USCCA instructor as well as an NRA pistol instructor and continues to enhance his skills. In addition, he enjoys sharing his skills with new and experienced shooters through TRB, finding great personal satisfaction in his students’ growth and success.

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Stephen was born and raised in California. His interest in firearms started early. By the young age of 14, his interest quickly became his passion as he consistently trained over the years and casually started teaching others. It was only natural to eventually become a Certified NRA Instructor and a Certified USCCA Instructor.

Working in private security sectors and the firearm industries for over 10 years, Stephen continues to be excited to learn in order to teach. To him, education is key. And he truly loves to help people better educate and prepare themselves by building a solid foundation for self-defense through awareness, strategic planning, and training.

Defensive Shooting, CCW, and Home Plans are only some of the courses/plans that Stephen is passionately trying to promote while helping to give others peace of mind.

When Stephen is not shooting and training, he hits the books for his Respiratory Care Therapist Program. Yes, he’s a full-time student. But if that weren’t enough, on the weekends, he volunteers at his local churches and teaches Bible studies in his community.

Stephen is constantly pursuing opportunities to better himself, to improve, to gain knowledge so that he may humbly be the beacon to help those around him. Stephen is a student, teacher, trainer, instructor, and true people advocate.