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  • California Driver’s License or equivalent identification
  • For Orange County applicants: Two utility bills. For LA County applicants: One utility bills
  • If applicable: Marriage certificate
  • If you have had any moving violations or accidents in the last five years (Regardless if you attended traffic school), a copy of your DMV driving record or a copy of the citation(s)
  • List of former addresses dating back five years: Addresses, move in and move out dates
  • Number of firearms you would like on your permit: make, model, serial number, caliber, barrel length, and color
  • If you have any prior arrests or convictions, please provide a list detailing the date(s), nature of offense and final dispositions.

Please convert all image files (jpeg, png, gif) to PDF format for upload.  Convert your files to PDF for FREE at CloudConvert! {CLICK HERE}

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