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SHTF Belt Review

Why to BUY a SIG P229

What does CA CCW course consist of?

Recover Tactical 20/20 Glock Brace Review

KORE Belt Review

Why NOT to buy a Glock

Why to BUY a Glock

Why NOT to buy a SIG P229

Reasons to BUY M&P Shield

Reasons to NOT buy M&P Shield

Red Dot Wars: Holosun vs Trijicon vs Sig Sauer

SHTF Belt Review

P320 RXP Full vs P229

Are Glocks PERFECT?!

Footwork & shooting accurately

Shooting with both eyes open red dot

HR 1808 – This is not good.

Carbine fundamentals – POSTURE!

Carbine fundamentals – THE SET UP

Carbine fundamentals – TRIGGER CONTROL

Update to CCW LA County

Update to CCW Orange County

Different holsters – Pros/Cons

Eye Dominance, keep both eyes open!

TRB challenge- 15 yard, 3 rounds, 3 seconds, from the holster

TRB challenge – 5 yard hammer pair in 2.0 seconds

We CHALLENGE YOU! 25 yard to 10 yard rifle to pistol transition

CHALLENGE FOR YOU! Dot torture challenge in 6 minutes at 7 yards

Handheld Flashlight

Safelife Defense Belt: 2 YEAR REPORT

Shot Timer


M&P Shield Trigger mod

Glock aftermarket slides vs modified stock slide

Sig Aftermarket Slides

Red dots on Subcompact Guns Shield


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